Casa Museo Salvatore Cambosu - Orotelli

Visualizza la sezione: Casa Museo Salvatore Cambosu - Orotelli
Visualizza la sezione: Casa Museo Salvatore Cambosu - Orotelli

The house where Salvatore Cambosu (1895-1962) was born, located in Orotelli in a street named after the writer, was acquired by the Municipality of Orotelli in 2010 and is currently under renovation to be turned into a permanent exhibition site. Since the renovation guidelines of the soon-to-be House-Museum are based on the writer’s main and most famous work, Miele Amaro (1954), the honeycomb was chosen as the primary module of the building. The honeycomb had also already been one of the symbols used by the artist Maria Lai, one of Cambosu’s friends and confidants, who promoted the participatory intervention Il miele del poeta (The poet’s honey) in 1984 and created a path in the streets of the town, where honeycombs were drawn on the walls of the houses and the railing over the house entrance door was turned into a hive. In addition to the honeycomb – a previously-existing connecting element within the town – the knot and the network will also serve as symbols of contemporary and multimedia communication (World Wide Web) in the House-Museum.

Past and future will coexist in the three floors (basement, first and second floor) of the House-Museum, where visitors will be able to explore the real and the virtual exhibition paths featuring the historical memories ingrained in the rooms and in the furniture and the modern technologies of the spaces (The courtyard, The well, The oven, The library, The bedroom, The bookcase), which will turn the house into an evolving setting that encourages visitors’ reciprocity and participation. The theater, designed as a cinematic variation in the three floors, will be another golden thread of the project and of the spectator experience, since all the outfitting will look like open stages. The articulation into two main parts – multimedia path and bookshop – will make the single functional components of the museum, including the access and the different exhibition paths, independent.

Also a park, the Parco Cambosiano, will be created in parallel with the House Museum. By making use of cutting-edge technology and augmented reality, the park will enhance the town of Orotelli, its nature, its enchanting landscape and its historical buildings (the old PostStation). The symbols of the honeycomb and the hive will not only play a visual role in the project, but will, above all, recall deep meanings.



Museum name: Casa Museo Salvatore Cambosu Di Orotelli