Museo Multimediale del Canto a Tenore

Visualizza la sezione: Museo Multimediale del Canto a Tenore
Visualizza la sezione: Museo Multimediale del Canto a Tenore

Ethnographic and ethnomusical evidence is essential to preserve and pass on cultural memory. Our identity can be actually preserved by knowing and passing on our past, firmly planting the roots of our present in a world of traditions and customs that might disappear. Thanks to the synergic effort and the long-standing (1998-99) collaboration of various institutions and organizations (Cooperativa Istelai, Municipality of Bitti, Regional Government of Sardinia - Department of Public Education, Cultural Heritage, information, Entertainment and Sport -, Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of the Provinces of Sassari and Nuoro and the GAL Nuorese Baronia), Bitti's cultural heritage (Nuragic Complex of Romanzesu, Museo della Civiltà Pastorale e Contadina and the Museo multimediale del Canto a tenore) has been continuously and profitably promoted, as evidenced by the increase of the number of tourists and the good economic impact on the territory.

The identity of our territory has its roots in a centuries-old past, rich in values and in local customs and traditions. Thanks to the "Museo della civiltà pastorale e contadina” and the "Museo multimediale del Canto a tenore", the symbols of local culture can be used to raise awareness of the history of our past and everybody, especially younger generations, can learn the ancient traditions that marked the times of the work and of everyday life and the original canto a tenore through cutting-edge technologies. The museums of Bitti aim to preserve local memory and promote the study of the past and the recovery of the historical memory of the village, in order to pass it on to younger generations and preserve the cultural and musical identity and the ideal heritage. The building also houses several cultural events, including photographic exhibitions, film festivals and concerts.

The Museo multimediale del Canto a tenore is the only museum of its kind in Sardinia, where visitors can discover a singing style unique in the world thanks to cutting-edge technologies. The museum, which is housed in a wing of the Museo della Civiltà contadina e pastorale, was founded in the summer of 2005 to be a research center, not only promoting the study and the development of the different types of the Sardinian canto a tenore, but also becoming a reference point for scholars, researchers, cantors, enthusiasts and visitors. The canto a tenore is a type of traditional song typical of the Barbargia (central-northern Sardinia) and, partly, of the Oristano area, that has been considered one of the UNESCO Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage masterpieces since 2005. It is one of the most outstanding and fascinating types of folk music in the Mediterranean area and has a well-established position within the global ethnic cultures. The Museum presents the history and the evolution of the canto a tenore through multi-sensorial and cognitive itineraries, where visitors can experience an innovative experiential tour. The Museo multimediale del Canto a tenore features four rooms: the first one houses multimedia stations equipped with a computer, a monitor, a headset and a specific interactive multimedia program; the second one contains the "Totems", i.e. four audiovisual columns arranged circularly as the four tenores (oche, mesu oche, contra and bassu) do, equipped with a monitor and an audio system that visitors can turn on with a push-button; the third room contains many CDs featuring tracks of the typical music of the various areas of the island; the fourth room encourages visitors to discover the most famous Sardinian bands with the sounds and the pictures of eight music videos.

The multimedia equipment of this innovative and fascinating museum allows visitors to enter into the mysterious and unique world of an ancient lost tradition and emphasizes the importance and the role that music plays in Sardinian culture, by combining an important musical heritage with the knowledge and the languages of our time.



Museum name: Museo multimediale del canto a tenore
Full address: Via G. Mameli n. 52 08021 Bitti (Nu)
Phone: +39 0784 414314 / +39 333 3211346
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Opening times: Summer
From Tuesday to Sunday
Morning: 9.30 - 12.30
Afternoon: 3.00 - 6.00
WinterFrom Tuesday to Sunday
Morning: 9.30 - 12.30; Afternoon: 2.30 - 5.30
Orario invernale
Dal Martedì alla Domenica
Mattino: ore 9.30 – 12.30
Pomeriggio: ore 14.30 – 17.30
Closing days: Monday and Tuesday and Thursday afternoon
Special or combo tickets: Ticket: € 5,00 (Museo pastorale e multimediale canto a tenore + complesso nuragico Romanzesu)
Cut-rate ticket (over 65s, disabled people, groups of 10 or more): € 3,00 (Museo pastorale e multimediale canto a tenore + complesso nuragico Romanzesu)


 Photograph: Cooperativa Istelai per il Museo Multimediale del Canto a Tenore