Museo dell’Archeologia e del Territorio - MATer

Visualizza la sezione: Museo dell’Archeologia e del Territorio - MATer
Visualizza la sezione: Museo dell’Archeologia e del Territorio - MATer

The Museo dell’Archeologia e del Territorio (Museum of Archeology and the territory - MATER) is housed in the former "casa Golosio", the manor of one of the aristocratic families of the village that originally belonged to Don Agostino Meloni, one of the most influential and notable members of "Mamoiada's aristocracy".

The exhibition is a multimedia and interactive itinerary featuring three thematic rooms, where visitors can consult references through cutting-edge and technological tools.

The first room is dedicated to the large archaeological heritage of the village of Mamoiada and features a relief map of the area and a modern full-size reproduction of Sa Perda Pintà that evocatively display the numerous monuments of Mamoiada, the origins of its ancient landscape and the several historical evolutions that have survived.

The second room provides a sensory and modern experience that turns the museum into a narrative environment and a dynamic place for artistic experimentation and a place of remembrance. The multimedia technologies used to interview the locals lead to an experiential approach and to an interactive language that involves the public and the virtual communities actively.

The last room is the "narration room", a small space, where visitors can broaden their knowledge of the area and listen to local experiences, becoming emotionally involved thanks to the unconventional educational tools they are provided with.

The Museo dell’Archeologia e del Territorio is an integral part of the museum network of Mamoiada along with the Museo delle Maschere Mediterranee and the Museo della cultura e del lavoro and stands out for the innovative situations created with virtual reality technology and the different media (texts, sounds, images, objects) available to visitors, who are offered, by a computer, the opportunity to experience the infinitely small and the infinitely large and to discover and interpret the world in a different and unusual way.



Museum name: Museo dell’archeologia e del Territorio - MATer
Full address: Via Manno 18, 08024 Mamoiada (NU)
Phone: +39 0784 569018 / fax 078456719
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Opening times: From Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.