Parco Museo S’Abba Frisca

Visualizza la sezione: Parco Museo S’Abba Frisca
Visualizza la sezione: Parco Museo S’Abba Frisca

The Park Museum S'Abba frisca is located a few kilometers from Dorgali and Cala Gonone in the wonderful valley of Littu on the way to the beach of Cala Cartoe. The museum was established by Portolu Secci and his family who passionately and wisely used the spaces and the structures of their old farm to create one of the most important ethno-naturalistic museums in Italy and the only one of its kind in Sardinia.

The park museum features a singular massive basaltic stone entrance and fifteen exhibition rooms located along a charming botanical itinerary.

Water is the dominant element of the park: the water of the spring S’Abba Frisca actually flows down to several fountains, waterfalls and jets that embellish the itinerary and its megalithic walkways, hedges and centuries-old trees.

The main type of vegetation is the macchia, in particular some typical plants used in the past, including the medicinal plants used for the treatment of various diseases, the dyeing plants used for dyeing fabrics and different types of bark and berries known for their properties.

The ethnographic exhibit, housed in the interior and the exterior spaces of the museum, features about 4500 cultural specimens of Barbagia: the wagon, the plow, the ancient donkey millstone, the machine to shoe oxen, the blacksmith's workshop, the stone animal-powered oil mill, the kitchen with the oven for the “carasau” bread, the spinning and the weaving tools, or, simply, the irons, the scales or the capacity serving measures. The shepherd's hut (“su cuile”), made of basaltic stone and trunks of juniper and dating back to the 19th century, is particularly interesting.

Even the handcrafted sabers made in Dorgali in the 19th century, the so-called "leppas de chittu", featuring a brass hilt, a fine engraving and silver decorations, really stand out.

The itineraries were designed so that they could intersect over and over again in order to highlight the strong bond between man and nature and promote the discovery of forgotten objects.

S'Abba frisca also organizes educational activities and art and craft shows for schools, including the milling of wheat with the donkey millstone and the making and baking of “Carasau” bread.



Museum name: Parco Museo S’Abba Frisca
Full address: Dorgali (NU), Loc. S’Abba Frisca, strada spiaggia Cartoe snc
Phone: +39 335 6569072 / +39 338 2380089
Opening times: June - September 9th – 19th (October - May by advance booking)
Closing day: Open all days
Special or combo tickets:     Combo tickets (Parco Museo S’Abba Frisca + Acquario di Cala Gonone) available for educational trips