Cuore della Sardegna

dal 22 al 27 luglio 2019


Art is a complex social product. It affects the way we look at the world and concerns both the aesthetic and the politic realms. What does it take to be an artist? Who decides what is good and valuable? Which artists are going to last and which are doomed to be forgotten? How the works of art circulate, and how do they make an impact?
Scholars and professionals of the art world convene to Nuoro this July, at the heart of Sardinia, for an immersive course in the basic principles of the art world. During a week of lectures, workshops and seminars, the students will learn about the main agents and rules of the multifaceted cultural, economic and social system we call “art”.

Questioning the power relationship between the artists, the institutions and the market, the school will provide advanced students, artists and young curators with a map and a compass to navigate the art world. 
Guest speakers are Andre Buchmann, head of Buchmann Galerie (Berlin and Lugano); David Elliot, curator, writer and professor of Modern and Contemporary art; Martin Engler, Head of Contemporary Art at the Städel Museum Frankfurt; Mark Gisbourne, art writer and independent curator; Pierluigi Sacco, full professor of cultural Economics at the IULM of Milan.
The school is directed and coordinated by Giuliana Altea, professor of Art History at the University of Sassari and president of the Costantino Nivola Foundation and by Antonella Camarda, research fellow at the University of Sassari and director of the Museo Nivola.

What art wants. An introduction to the art world is a summer school organized by the University of Sassari – Department of Humanities and social sciences, the Consorzio per la promozione degli Studi universitari nella Sardegna centrale UniNuoro and Museo Nivola, Orani.

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