Primavera nel Cuore della Sardegna 2024


From May 4th to June 30rd 2024 the usual spring appointment is renewed with a journey through the typical centers of the heart of Sardinia: sixteen countries will present visitors with their natural beauty and their historical and artistic heritage, telling the history and traditions of the Marghine, Ogliastra, Planargia and Baronia.

Immersed in the enchanting landscape of our island, between the green of the interior and the turquoise of the coast, we will be able to live an experience of intense emotions, accompanied by the beauty of nature, which shows itself in Spring in its most fascinating features.

The crystalline sea, the enchanting mountains, the nuragic complexes that bear witness to an extraordinary age: simple elements, but rich in passion. It's time to explore them, to dance and have fun in a festive atmosphere.

The specialties of the local cuisine will remain indelible in our memory: the delicious culurgiones of the land of centenarians, the excellent cheeses and cured meats, accompanied by a good wine and typical sweets, all prepared with the care and dedication of those who bring them every day on own table.

We will be able to grasp the secrets of craftsmanship, observing skilled hands that work wood, ceramics and fabrics; ancient traditions born in the center of the Mediterranean and handed down from generation to generation.

Finally, the countless pages of Sardinian culture remain to be discovered, which will open its doors to the thirst for knowledge of every visitor.

Discover all this with your eyes, live this fantastic experience: Spring in the heart of Sardinia!